You can reserve them online when you make a reservation , or by calling. The size and all fittings will be taken care of that day by our rental professionals.

Powder Skis Per Day $40
  • K2 Coomback – 102 Under Foot
    A tribute to the late Doug Coombs, pioneer of big mountain heli skiing. The skinniest ski we offer is still a fatty
  • K2 Sidestash – 108 Under Foot
    Camber under foot, straight tail and early rise tip
  • K2 Obsethed – 117 Under Foot
    Seth Morrison’s pro model. A great transition to rocker for those who have never tried it before. Made for speed and everything from crud to deep powder snow.
  • K2 Pettitor – 120 Under foot
    Sean Pettit’s pro model. The most well-rounded powder ski on the market.
  • K2 Darkside – 128 Under Foot
    Fat and stiff. A powder ski that floats and carves but has a stiff straight tail to hold you up.
Fat Powder Skis Per Day $45
  • K2 Pontoons – 130 Under Foot
    The Great Powder Ski. Shane Mcconkey’s revolutionary design that makes powder skiing easier than ever. A top choice of Silverton Mountain guides all season long.
  • K2 Hellbent – 135 Under Foot
    Twin tips and lots of rocker. Get on the rocker train and enjoy easier turns and float above the snow.
Per Day: $35

Venture Snowboards Locally Handmade Boards

  • Bomber Silverton Mountain’s custom made snowboard. Everything you need to handle anything you could run into in the San Juans, CO to the Chugach Mountains, Alaska.
  • Storm One directional powder slayer. Rockered tip and tail, zero camber under foot. The go-to board for the Brills….the husband and wife team who started Silverton Mountain from scratch.
  • Euphoria Made for the deepest of days. The euphoria is reverse side cut just like a surfboard. When all other boards fail in deep powder, the euphoria carves and floats no other.
  • Odin Pro rider Johan Olafson added special input into this big mountain board that is made for big turns in big terrain. Get ready to ride like a pro.
  • Zelix A twin tip with a bit of setback on the stance for tip flotation. A favorite of the snowboarding Silverton Mountain guides.

Silverton Mountain does not provide rental snowboard bindings. Please bring your own bindings.


You will be able to reserve a pack and additional equipment during the reservation process.


  • Beacon, Shovel, Probe & Backpack ($41)
  • Beacon, Shovel & Probe ($36)

We also offer items a la carte

  • Backpack ($12)- Guide trusted, client approved. Heli-pro backpacks hold skis and snowboards on the way up and everything else on the way down.
  • Beacon ($18)- The most efficient and user-friendly beacons available. Simple and easy, put it on under your outer layer and learn how to use them in the morning safety briefing.
  • Probe ($12)- The newest avalanche gear from K2 is in every guides pack and a necessary part of your day at Silverton Mountain.
  • Shovel ($12)- In addition to regular shoveling, the Rescue Shovel Plus works as a hoe, an emergency sled, a dead man anchor, or a flat platform for your stove.
  • Helmet ($18)- Keep your noggin safe with our Smith helmets.
  • Ski Poles ($12)- K2 has done it again with collapsible poles to help with the hike to billboard.
  • Smith Turbo Fan Goggle ($15)- Goggle technology has greatly improved in the past few years. Check out a new set of turbo fan smith goggles and forget that fog ever existed.