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Record Snowfall at Silverton


Record Snowfall Set Last Week!- (4/15/08) After the 3 day long dump last week we have exceeded our previous snowfall record. Now that we have topped 550” for the season, what might the rest of the season bring? Breaking 600” would be fantastic! In 2005 we hit 550” in mid May, and that year November was a huge snow month. This season November was a bust with barely any snow so we have had substantially more snow in a shorter period of time in 2008. (All season snow totals include early season snow, as unlike many ski areas our early snow is part of our base that we ski all season as it does not melt off very much at these elevations. If we had to rely on snowfall on opening day alone to open the area, we would have no base and if it’s part of the base, and it gets skied why shouldn’t it be included it in the totals?)