Silverton Mountain History

Dear Friends,

Silverton Mountain is not a typical ski area.

Yes, Silverton Mountain does primarily focus on skiing/snowboarding but there are many facets to this operation. Most important to many, we feature mind blowing terrain. What we have done is create a place we hope you will enjoy. I am sure that each and everyone of you have been in bounds at a ski area and thought “if only there was a lift accessing that peak” or “a lift on the backside of the mountain”. Most of you have looked at awesome terrain in the backcountry and wished you could get more turns than you could earn. Silverton Mountain may very well be what you would have created, if you were to try to fulfill those worthy desires.

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to obtain big powder days at mountains like Snowbird, Alta, Squaw Valley, or Jackson Hole know the routine. An all out rush to get as many runs in before the mountain gets tracked out in 2 hours or less. This is not how it should be. There are a handful of little areas that are closer to what we are trying to create here. Mountains like Turner Mountain, Bridger Bowl, Mount Baldy, Alpental, Red Mountain, Whitewater, or New Zealand’s club fields are much closer to what most of us desire. Unfortunately there are not enough areas like that anymore. Silverton Mountain limits ticket sales so that we hopefully never grow beyond our capabilities.

We feel we are answering the need for more challenging lift accessed skiing. Some may call this the commercialization of the backcountry. During periods of snow instability or winter long depth hoar problems, all we can do is look at those tempting lines around us. Avalanche mitigation can allow access to steep lines during periods when the backcountry is generally too dangerous. Silverton Mountain is designed to have a minimal environmental impact with the major possibility of creating long term positive environmental impacts (see environment). With no plans or desires for condos, high speed lifts, or insane daily ticket prices, Silverton Mountain is how skiing used to be. If there were more areas based purely on skiing, not development, we would not have many of the mountain community problems that surround us today (overpriced housing etc.) Based on a cross of New Zealand style club fields and small U.S. ski areas, Silverton Mountain could one day be the mecca for expert lift served adventure skiing.

As exciting as it can be to ski Silverton, it is important to maintain realistic goals for your trip. Many days can be ‘all time best of my life’, but there can also be times when the premier lines have to stay closed due to avalanche hazards etc. The film crews wait until perfect conditions of good snow stability combined with fresh snow (which is why it always looks so good on film). Those used to high speed lifts and banging out 30 runs in an hour have a tougher time adjusting to the Silverton pace. Those who enjoy the excitement of exploring new lines and quality over quantity find themselves right at home. Few go home however without being enjoyably exhausted at the end of the day.

We believe we are doing the right thing as so many of you have contacted us expressing your excitement and interest in Silverton Mt. If you have ideas or are interested in employment opportunities (in house or subcontracted) email us.

We couldn’t do it without the help of these guys who have always believed in bringing more powder to the people!