The Experience

Guided Skiing
Head out and explore Silverton with one of our skilled guides.

Unguided Skiing
Venture out on your own into the vast amount of unguided terrain offered at Silverton.

Heli Skiing
The best $179 you will ever spend. Experience heli skiing at Silverton.

Private Guides
Experience Silverton one on one with a private guide.

Global Ski Trips
If it involves skiing and is fun, let’s do it. Anywhere in the world.

What To Expect
This page is a must read for anyone planning on visiting Silverton for the first time. Choc full of helpful tips!

Find the dates and info for our list of events.

Come to Silverton and learn more about backcountry safety and other mountain info.

Suggested Gear & Ability
Find out if you have what it takes to conquer Silverton Mountain.

Check out some of Silverton’s videos.

All the eye candy from Silverton Mountain.